Dear Colleagues,


I am a teacher- with standards- but no students.

Let's talk and look for ways and times to teach my information standards in a way that supports the literacy skills you develop with your students. Stop by the library, invite me to your room, department meetings, or SLC's for a collaboration session.


I teach traditional literacy skills alongside digital, academic, and content-specific literacies. I provide standards-aligned resource collections and guide students research efforts to meet ERWC, Common Core, and CTE standards, or help plan and implement literacy and EL skills alongside cross-curricular, project/problem based learning experiences.


I would love to work with you to determine how to use and model the information resources available in your content areas.

To schedule library use, please see me, or complete the following form

Q Student Information System

Google Learning Management System

Start at to access, organize, and communicate student data

For the user guide, log in and select "Help" from the top right

To Start

Gradebook Set-Up

Use the main Menu > Marks > Gradebook, then from the top menu select Setup, then from the left menu select Configuration


Read more instructions ; Watch video demonstration*

*Video from Oxnard School District- the grading scale is different, but the configuration process is the same

Mass email

Email your whole class from the Q main Menu > School > Mass Email

Watch video demonstration

District Getting Started Docs

Google Classroom

Google Slides

Google Forms




Other Technology use:

Technologies used by students or provided with student information must be approved through California's Privacy Alliance or iKeep Safe.

Alternatively, you may ask Technology Director Nicole Naditz for help initiating a CSDPA agreement with other vendors, or you may get prior written permission from each learner's guardian for them to utilize the.