A narrative is a story.  Stories entertain, educate, or otherwise show us something of our world. Fiction is nearly always narrative. 


Most films, video games, novels, and short stories are based in narrative. Other written or spoken stories can be narratives, like musicals, and epic poetry.


Non-fiction can be narrative if true events are told using narrative storytelling conventions. This may include essays, memoirs, autobiographies, and true crime. Narrative nonfiction is also called creative nonfiction. 

What is a narrative?

What makes a narrative?


Narrative is the art of storytelling. Narrative conventions include plot, dialog, and point of view. Narratives put characters and events within a setting and timeline. 


Every narrative must effectively use these conventions, but a work does not need to contain them all. 



Narrative Writing Tells a Story



Plot is how the story progresses

  • Pace is how qucikly or slowly the story is told
  • Conflict is the challenge the main characters face

Exposition introduces the characters and setting.

Rising Action starts with a significant event, and tension builds as a central conflict or challenge develops. 

The Climax is the peak interest. It's a turning point. 

Falling Action 

Conclusion resolves conflicts 


German writer Gustav Freytag basics of plot



Setting includes where and when the story takes place. Also known as the story world. It is established in the plot exposition.

Setting helps set the mood




Characters are people or beings who guide the reader through the story.

A protagonist is the main character. Their experiences help them develop richer mental, spiritual, or psychological lives. They are ususally a sympathetic character, who the author wants readers to like.

An antagonist is the main source of tension for the protagonist. 




Point of View


Describes the lense into the story. First person point of view puts you in the characters shoes, describing a characters experience as they experience it. Second person point of view 




The characters speech














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