Human Rights



What do all people deserve? Though admiration and respect must be earned, dignity is a given. 

After the abuses of World War II, world powers developed an international treaty to maintain peace by establishing the United Nations. In the first meeting of member nations, the UN drafted a Declaration on Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms. It outlined 30 rights that all human beings deserve, including a right to education, privacy, and freedom. It is based on the idea of human dignity: everyone deserves these experiences, even if they live in a culture that does not understand or respect them.


While the universality of the declaration has been called into question by scholars who say the document has a Western-orientation, it has been translated to over 500 languages and remains central to the work of the United Nations and other international government organizations. The final Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the third General Assembly meeting on December 10, 1948. On the December 10th anniversary of it's adoption, Human Rights Day is celebrated around the world.