Journal Writing


Write to explore your thoughts, feelings, and opinions. You'll notice many of the same methods are used for academic learning, but this page is all about you!

Writing helps to understand ideas and communicate information


Copyright and Attribution


Build up your work ethically and effectively using art and ideas from other creators.


Writing Professions


See how professionals craft their stories, and learn to write effectively in professional styles and forms. 

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Works of fiction are stories with characters and events created by the writer. Characters contribute to the plot whithin some timeline and setting. Popular genres include science fiction, historical fiction, and romance. 




Works of poetry use sound and the visual qualities of words to evoke meaning. 




Works of non-fiction aim to factually recount events or ideas. May be biased, limited, or even wrong so long as the author makes a good faith effort to be fatual. Popular genres include argumentative, informational, and persuasive. 




This is writing. I am communicating from another place and time. Awesome, right?


Writing has had a major influence on religious, political, and cultural development in modern society. The highest authority in the United States political system is the Constitution. All of us within U.S. borders have had our lives shaped by this one written document. 


Writing can be used to entertain, inform, persuade, and more. Since writing is used in so many ways, good writing processes and products vary greatly. When writing just for you, such as a to-do list or personal journal, the process of getting ideas out is far more important than the end product. Writing for an audience, however, requires more time and attention to developing an end product that others can understand. 


If writing is too unpredictable, it will frustrate the audience. To make a work clear, writers use patterns, or norms, called conventions. Each genre has its own conventions to keep writing clear and organized. Explore genres and learn the conventions to become a better reader and more effective writer.



Argumentative, Informational, persuasive 


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