Educator Resources & Collaborations

Dear Colleagues,

Educator Collections are at the bottom of the page. See Ms. Haskins to set up your collection!

I am a teacher- with standards- but no students.

Let's talk and look for ways and times to teach my standards to your students in a way that is helpful to you. Stop by the library, invite me to your room, department meetings, or PLC's for a collaboration session.

I am available to teach traditional literacy skills alongside digital, academic, and content-specific literacies. I can provide standards-aligned resource collections and guide students research efforts to meet ERWC, Common Core, and CTE standards, or help plan and implement literacy and EL skills alongside cross-curricular, project/problem based learning experiences.

I would love to work with you to determine how to use and model the information resources available in your content areas.

Website suggestions can be written directly on the google doc

Class Collections

Durkee's English 9 Banned Books

The SJ Banned Books Resource List shows the library's collection of books that have been banned.

Locke's English AP Recommended Reading

The SJ Literature Resource List This shows the library's collection of books from previous AP exams. These books are options for the one book per quarter outside reading requirement.

Welch's English

OWL Purdue Writing Center

Collection 4

this colletion