Story Club is your opportunity to share your stories!

Come try out creative or nonfiction writing, digital painting, coding, and animation, to tell the stories of San Juan!

This is a multi-disciplinary club, but you are welcome to treat it as many clubs in one, and decide which activities to participate in.

This week in creative writing: Prompt Twister. Read 2 sample writings. Is there a sentence which captured your attention? Experiment with taking the first few words of a sentence, and finishing it with your own

This week in non-fiction writing: Rules of Summer. Read excerpt from "Dante and Aristotle" on the different rules of summer. How are the rules different over summer? Are expectations different for you based on when and where you are? Who decides the expectations? Think of a time you were surprised by the expectations. What happened?

This week in coding: no coding this week- Scratch Storytelling starts Sept 22

This week in digital painting: how to hero text image